Hamman’s Study Diary

February 28, 2008

My Spring Semester at Washington

I am in Washington DC at the American University this semester. Its an exchange program between my university and AU for this semester. Courses I’m doing are:

  • How Washington Works (GOVT-165)
  • Linear Algebra (MATH-310)
  • Database Management Systems (CSC-570)
  • Design and Organization of Programming Languages (CSC-521)

Its quite an adventure! To get more stuff on Washington, visit my student blog titled (drumroll) “my AU Experience”


October 8, 2007

Chapter 5 – Processing Unit Design

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Areas covered:

a. CPU basics

b. Register set

c. Datapath

d. CPU instruction cycle

e. Control Unit

a. CPU basics: CPU components (register set, ALU, control unit); general-purpose and special-purpose registers; execution cycle; interrupts; micro-orders and microprogramming

b. Register Set: MAR; MDR; instruction fetching registers; condition registers; special-purpose registers (index registers, segment pointers, stack pointers); 8086 registers; MIPS registers

c. Datapath: 1-bus, 2-bus, 3-bus organization; analysis of execution cycle for the different organizations

d. CPU Instruction Cycle: Fetch instruction;

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