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March 26, 2007

Chain rule

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Last week Friday, we revisited the chain rule from Calculus II, bu this time extending it to 2-D and 3-D. We also learnt about the use of diagramming techniques in getting out a chain rule for multivariate functions.


Transfer of heat :: Best lecture

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Last Friday, we had what I would rate as probably the most interesting lecture I have had in all my courses. And I can say that because I can still remember the conversations we had on heat, how low temperatures affect us, how heat is transferred, and some very practical talks on all of this. Generally, heat is not one of my favorite topics, but this lecture was just super! Dr. Jeff often “digresses”, and we even talked about relativity! I loved this lecture!

March 23, 2007

Practice exercises

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Yesterday, we did a lot of practice questions in class, very helpful for learning different techniques of solving 2-D and 3-D differentials. There was also some good news that the test coming up today will now take place on Tuesday!

March 22, 2007

From Seljuks to Mamluks

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We did take a detour into the Spanish crusades, and also a little reminder of the Almoravids from my African civilizations course. The main topic for today was the Sunni internationalization.

Speaking of detours, we also went into India, and a brief story of Iltumish (I had heard of this one in one Indian movie called “Razia Sultana”!), and today’s lecture was very broad, going from one region and culture to another. We did have our focus on the Mamluk dynasty before moving on to the Sansabanis.

March 21, 2007

Town-hall meetings

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Its a tradition now that students of the School of ITC have “town-hall” meetings, where we openly and informally discuss issues affecting us with the Dean himself, Dr. Muhammadou Kah. Each major meets separately.

This semester’s town-hall took place today, where we Computer Science students discussed issues from advisors to career opportunities.

More recurrance relations

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It seems recurrance relations is here to stay for a while! We got into some different types of recurrance relations and their solutions

  • Constant-coefficient homogeneous linear recurrance relations
  • Polynomial recurrance relations

Next class, we cover non-homogeneous recurrance relations (and other tongue-twisters!)

Test postponed till Monday!

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The test didn’t take place, probably a good thing! We covered chapter 8 instead on “Acceptance testing”

Differentiation on more than one variable

Filed under: MAT 211, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 8:20 am

We now moved naturally from limits to differentiation for two and three variables. Today, we covered topics on…

  • Differentiability of multi-variate functions
  • Differentials of multi-variate functions
  • Local linear approximations

March 20, 2007

Work processes

Filed under: PHY 106, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 4:17 pm

We got into details of the processes involved in work done by a gas…

  • Isobaric – Constant pressure
  • Isovolumetric – Constant volume
  • Isothermal – Constant temperature
  • Adiatic – No addition of heat
  • Free expansion – No changes in internal energy, no addition of heat
  • Cyclic – Change in temperature is zero

Recurrance relations continued

Filed under: CSC 213, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 11:14 am

We got back our scores from the Saturday exam. After going though some corrections and sample solutions, we began the topic of the day. Here we read about some methods used to solve recurrance relations: back-tracking.

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