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May 8, 2007

End of Spring 2007!

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run “SPRING 2007¬† -terminate”

“The semester, she has ended”!

I just completed my last exam on Physics, and this marks the end of my semester. I hope to be more consistent in blogging my next semester here… Until then…

“Good night out there,¬†whatever you are”


March 28, 2007

Review and Relations

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We went over the topics from last lecuture…

  • Product sets
  • Applications of ordered n-tuples
  • Partitions

We also were introduced to what will form the core of the “Database Systems” course coming up in later semesters : using sets to represent relational databases.
Then we started on the topic of the day, Relations. Here, we looked at domains and ranges, and some theorems on ranges.

March 26, 2007

Relations and Digraphs

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After completing our topic on recurrance relations (with linear non-homogeneous recurrance relations), we got into a new topic, Relations and Digraphs.

Here, we looked into…

  • Binary relations
  • Cartesian products

March 21, 2007

More recurrance relations

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It seems recurrance relations is here to stay for a while! We got into some different types of recurrance relations and their solutions

  • Constant-coefficient homogeneous linear recurrance relations
  • Polynomial recurrance relations

Next class, we cover non-homogeneous recurrance relations (and other tongue-twisters!)

March 20, 2007

Recurrance relations continued

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We got back our scores from the Saturday exam. After going though some corrections and sample solutions, we began the topic of the day. Here we read about some methods used to solve recurrance relations: back-tracking.

March 17, 2007

Exam done!

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First open-book exam I have written. Was purely applied questions, so I was glad I had the course text book nearby (legally!) and didn’t have to memorize.

I think that this kind of exam is really good because it tests understanding of the material rather than how well the student can memorize.

March 14, 2007

Permutations and Pigeonholes!

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This day’s topics were…

  • Permutations
  • Combinations
  • Pigeonhole principle
  • Recurrance relations

From the Pigeonhole principle, we learnt about some of its applications in finding the minimum value that guarantees a certain condition. We also discussed the very interesting classical programming exercise “Towers of Hanoi”, in which we have begun on how to find the time taken to execute the algorithm for solving the puzzle…


March 13, 2007

Boolean matrices, Counting

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We did boolan matrices and looked at some operations on them andtheir properties.
Then we started a new topic on counting (ahem, not like in primary school). We looked into disjoint sets and their appliations to counting using partitions of sets.
BTW, all this has more to do with counting how algorithms execute statements rather than counting per say.
Two related principles were covered as well, the sum principle and the product principle.

And after all that, we get to write a test on Saturday!

February 21, 2007

Lots of theorems

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Under the topic of “Properties of integers”, we looked at various theorems and their formal proofs…

  • Division algorithm
  • Existance proof
  • Uniqueness proof
  • Eucledian algorithm
  • Greatest common divisor

February 19, 2007

Math and computing

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Today we started a new topic on how computers can represent sets, and also how we can use regular expressions to define the syntax of a programming language.

  • Computer representation of sets and subsets
  • Countability of sets
  • Strings and regular expressions
  • Catenation
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