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March 28, 2007

Review and Relations

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We went over the topics from last lecuture…

  • Product sets
  • Applications of ordered n-tuples
  • Partitions

We also were introduced to what will form the core of the “Database Systems” course coming up in later semesters : using sets to represent relational databases.
Then we started on the topic of the day, Relations. Here, we looked at domains and ranges, and some theorems on ranges.


“Sentence first, verdict afterwards”

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When Alice is tried by the Queen of Hearts, the Queen declares a change of judicial procedures, “sentence first, verdict afterwards!”*

In XP, we were introduced to the concept of testing-first, coding-afterwards. Today we learnt the real details of how to do this.

*Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll/ Walt Disney Pictures

Test yesterday

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It didn’t go well 😦

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