Hamman’s Study Diary

March 21, 2007

Town-hall meetings

Filed under: Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 6:10 pm

Its a tradition now that students of the School of ITC have “town-hall” meetings, where we openly and informally discuss issues affecting us with the Dean himself, Dr. Muhammadou Kah. Each major meets separately.

This semester’s town-hall took place today, where we Computer Science students discussed issues from advisors to career opportunities.


More recurrance relations

Filed under: CSC 213, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 6:07 pm

It seems recurrance relations is here to stay for a while! We got into some different types of recurrance relations and their solutions

  • Constant-coefficient homogeneous linear recurrance relations
  • Polynomial recurrance relations

Next class, we cover non-homogeneous recurrance relations (and other tongue-twisters!)

Test postponed till Monday!

Filed under: SEN 261, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 6:04 pm

The test didn’t take place, probably a good thing! We covered chapter 8 instead on “Acceptance testing”

Differentiation on more than one variable

Filed under: MAT 211, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 8:20 am

We now moved naturally from limits to differentiation for two and three variables. Today, we covered topics on…

  • Differentiability of multi-variate functions
  • Differentials of multi-variate functions
  • Local linear approximations

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