Hamman’s Study Diary

March 20, 2007

Work processes

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We got into details of the processes involved in work done by a gas…

  • Isobaric – Constant pressure
  • Isovolumetric – Constant volume
  • Isothermal – Constant temperature
  • Adiatic – No addition of heat
  • Free expansion – No changes in internal energy, no addition of heat
  • Cyclic – Change in temperature is zero

Recurrance relations continued

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We got back our scores from the Saturday exam. After going though some corrections and sample solutions, we began the topic of the day. Here we read about some methods used to solve recurrance relations: back-tracking.

The first iteration

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We looked into how we convert a user story into tasks (iterations). This was badly needed for our projects, which have been running into some delays as of recent!

The decline of the Fatimis

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We continued the history of the Fatimis, and their eventual decline. We also looked at the presence of 3 khalifahs at the same time at this point in Islamic history, and its implications. Some of the dynasties and rulers covered were…

  • Mustansir and Mahmud
  • Nasr
  • Sebuktegin
  • The Buyis
  • The Seljuks
  • Nizam al-Mulk

We concluded with a look at the hope of a united Umma that arose during the administration of Nizam as wazir, and how a khalifah, Nasir, tried to add a political dimension to his religious functions.

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