Hamman’s Study Diary

March 13, 2007

Thermodynamics begins here

Filed under: PHY 106, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 4:38 pm

We have entered a new chapter on heat and thermodynamics. Today, we learnt about temperature scales, methods of heat transfer, and some calorimetry. As usual, the class was great fun! Plus we got back our first exam results!


Boolean matrices, Counting

Filed under: CSC 213, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 4:30 pm

We did boolan matrices and looked at some operations on them andtheir properties.
Then we started a new topic on counting (ahem, not like in primary school). We looked into disjoint sets and their appliations to counting using partitions of sets.
BTW, all this has more to do with counting how algorithms execute statements rather than counting per say.
Two related principles were covered as well, the sum principle and the product principle.

And after all that, we get to write a test on Saturday!

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