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March 12, 2007

Traditional testing, the XP Client

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Today we deviate slightly from XP to learn about traditional testing approaches.

  • Verification and validation
  • Static and dynamic testing techniques
  • Statistical and defect tests
  • Component, integration, and user testing
  • System and acceptance testing
  • Functional and structural testing
  • Thread and process testing
  • Beta testing

Later on, we moved back to XP techniques and learnt about the role of the client (just another team member in XP).


Islamic civilizations theology and philosophy

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We continued Middle Eastern civilizations’ session on Islamic civilizations by taking a look at how later Muslim philosophers and theologians contributed to Islamic laws and regulations.

PS – Just for the records, I’m a Christian!

Back from Mid-semester break

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OK, the mid-semester break wasn’t the only reason my posts have dwindled, laziness more likely!. But now I resume this past-time. This week, there’s no tests. Two Calculus III assignments are due :(, and the SEN 261 project is getting on very well after a lot of time spent during the break!

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