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February 21, 2007

Lots of theorems

Filed under: CSC 213, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 5:05 pm

Under the topic of “Properties of integers”, we looked at various theorems and their formal proofs…

  • Division algorithm
  • Existance proof
  • Uniqueness proof
  • Eucledian algorithm
  • Greatest common divisor

Two heads better than one

Filed under: SEN 261, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 5:00 pm

We continued into pair programming as an XP practice.

  • The rule of pairing
  • Benefits of pairing
  • Some mistakes pairing fixes
  • How to find your comfort zone when pairing

Arc length and parametrization

Filed under: MAT 211, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 12:05 pm

Yesterday, we did a brief revision of arc length (from Calculus II), and then its representation in vector-valued functions. Then we were off to how to change parameters of a function.

  • Arc length
  • Smooth parametrization
  • Arc length of a parameter
  • Change of parameter

Tour de France in Physics!

Filed under: PHY 106, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 12:02 pm

We had a very interesting lecture on energy conservation yesterday using the Tour de France cyclists as an example of how energy losses and gains are balanced out!

February 19, 2007

Math and computing

Filed under: CSC 213, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 5:07 pm

Today we started a new topic on how computers can represent sets, and also how we can use regular expressions to define the syntax of a programming language.

  • Computer representation of sets and subsets
  • Countability of sets
  • Strings and regular expressions
  • Catenation

Pair programming

Filed under: SEN 261, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 3:50 pm

This day we finished up on an overview of basic XP practices, and moved into the details of one of them, pair programming. In pair programming, we discussed some advantages and disadvantages, and the roles of pair programmers:

  • Driver
  • Copilot

We go into Islamic civilizations

Filed under: CIV 211, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 12:51 pm

After concluding the BC phases of middle eastern history, we now get into the AD/ CE phases with Islamic civilizations. Today, we had an overview of the concept of Islam, and how it represents an entity comprised of…

  • Culture/civilization
  • Religion/faith
  • State/nation

February 16, 2007

Back to differentiation and integration

Filed under: MAT 211, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 3:48 pm

In our tutorials session, we started on the following topics…

  • Parametrized curves
  • Calculus of vector functions

Under the second topic, we are now revisiting limits, differentiation and integration from Calculus I and II, but this time with vector-value functions.

Dr. Jeff’s back!

Filed under: PHY 106, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 3:35 pm

We had lectures today. Dr. Jeff Collier kindly came despite his recent illness. We had some solutions to difficult problems from the course text.

More coordinate systems and other boggles

Filed under: MAT 211, Spring 2007 — Hamman @ 8:33 am

Yesterday we revised on polar coordinates before moving onto cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems. The evening class continued with a first look into Chapter 13, on vector-valued functions, strange functions that don’t return real numbers as results, but vectors instead! We closed by going over the finding the domain of vector-valued functions.

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